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Why our company can ship immediately?

Why our company can ship immediately?

We are a Lash Vendors,Custom Eyelash Packaging vendors. The sales staff of our company is only responsible for sales, and the Custom Lash Boxes staff packs and delivers in accordance with the packing list.

1. Since we are a large formal eyelash industry and trade company, we have enough stock to support immediate shipment. Even if the stock of mink lashes is insufficient, our workers can complete the orders within two to three days, and packing and ship them.

custom eyelash boxes

2. In fact, although we have hundreds of orders to arrange packing and delivery every day, but our workers and logistics staff are sufficient to fully serve the company’s more than 50 sales staff. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they can purchase orders from our company without waiting too long to receive the goods.

3. Process: Once the customer places an order, the salesperson submits the packinglist, and the logistics staff packs and delivers the goods according to the correct packinglist.

custom eyelash boxes

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