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Why Is The Mink Strip Lashes Business So Hot?


Why Is The Mink Strip Lashes Business So Hot?

The earliest rise of false eyelashes originated from the pursuit of art 80 or 90 years ago. In order to present the best eye makeup effect, film workers began to try to make the eyes bigger and more flexible: pasting false eyelashes. Due to the increasing demand for false eyelashes, this industry has begun to show its presence in the world.

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Qingdao, China is the production base of false eyelashes, and 80% of the world’s false eyelashes originate here. And there are many styles and materials of eyelashes. The most common is the mink synthetic eyelashes. Mink eyelashes have always ranked first in the world for their natural shape and soft touch. Why is the Lash Business so hot? As a professional Lash Vendors, let me tell you why.

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1. Mink eyelashes cover a wide range

Wearing eyelashes with proper makeup will make women’s eyes look more agile and energetic. Mink eyelashes have gradually become a necessity for beauty, not just limited to film workers. The low price makes ordinary people choose this simple way to beautify.Custom Eyelash Boxes

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2. Mink eyelashes are inexpensive and cost-effective

Minks will shed their hair regularly, so don’t worry about cruel treatment. Moreover, mink can be bred, so it is easier to obtain mink hair. The cost of eyelashes made from large quantities of mink hair is not high, and everyone can afford it. You can start your eyelash business with only 100 dollars, so many wholesalers who want to start a small business will prefer the Wholesale Mink Lashes business.

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3. Mink eyelashes have more advantages than chemical fiber eyelashes

Although the cost of chemical fiber eyelashes is lower, the root shape of mink eyelashes is closer to human eyelashes. Eyes with mink eyelashes look more vibrant and natural. Chemical fiber eyelashes are a bit rigid, so many people would rather spend a little more money to choose mink eyelashes.Custom Eyelash Boxes

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In summary, mink eyelashes have obvious advantages. Many wholesalers have seen the feasibility of the mink eyelash business, so our website will have hundreds of new wholesalers every day to inquire about starting the mink eyelash business. 《Are You Ready To Start Your Eyelash Business?

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