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Why Do 300 Customers Order Eyelashes From Us Every Day?

Why Do 300 Customers Order Eyelashes From Us Every Day?

1. We are a large regular Mink Lashes industry and trade company, we have enough stock to support immediate shipment. Even if the stock of eyelashes is insufficient, our workers can complete the orders within two to three days, and package and ship them.

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2. As a Lash Vendors, our Mink Lashes are of high quality and never produce low-quality products. For the long-term development of the company, and for the trust of our customers, we provide the best quality Siberian Mink Eyelashes. Eyelashes can be used at least 20 times more than once under good care.

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3. We have a fast shipping process. Other companies may be responsible for sales and packing. Once the production is completed, we have a dedicated staff responsible for packing and delivery. This saves time and improves delivery efficiency.

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4. After our complete after-sales, once the order is placed with us, we will confirm the production status with the production department in time to ensure the normal progress of the order. And feedback to customers as soon as possible, so that customers can safely wait for their orders.

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