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Why Customers Still Prefer To Wear Expensive Mink Eyelashes?

Why Customers Still Prefer To Wear Expensive Mink Eyelashes?

Some new customers will encounter misunderstandings when purchasing eyelashes. Does my customer base like to buy regular eyelashes or mink eyelashes? Mink eyelashes are too expensive, can I try a sample? Repeatedly hesitate. As for the old customers who use mink eyelashes, they understand the advantages of mink eyelashes and would rather buy mink eyelashes if they are more expensive. As an Lash Vendors with many years of experience, I propose the following points for customers’ reference.lash vendors

The difference between ordinary eyelashes and mink hair:

1. The density is different. Mink Lashes is thicker than ordinary eyelashes.

2. Easiness to fall off is different. Eyelashes made of mink hair are less prone to fall off, which can avoid secondary operations; ordinary eyelashes are easier to fall off because of the comparison of the materials.

3. The price is different. Mink hair is more expensive because it is natural; ordinary eyelashes are generally made of artificial materials and the price is lower.

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Mink eyelash advantages

1. The structure of mink hair is relatively close to that of human hair.
2. Compared with other materials, mink hair is softer and natural.
3. The mink hair can be processed in the later stage and can achieve the 3d effect of eyelashes.

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How to wear?

1. Compare the length of your own eyeliner and cut off the excess eyeliner.
2. Wear special glue for eyelashes, apply evenly and thinly on the surface of eyelashes and eyeliner, and let the glue dry for a while.
3. Clamp the roots of the eyelashes with eyelash tweezers, make the eyeliner fit your upper eyelid, and adjust the position appropriately when applying the contract to suit your dressing needs.

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4. You can use the eyelash clip to gently clamp your true and false eyelashes to make them fit tightly.
5. If there is still need, you can apply some mascara or repaint some eyeliner.

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