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Why Choose Eyelash Extension?

Why Choose Eyelash Extension?

Usually we choose to wear false eyelashes because the eyelashes are not long enough and not curled enough, or because of makeup needs. So why do some people like to wear paired Wholesale Mink Lashes, and some people like to graft closely lined eyelashes?

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First wear:

If you wear Mink Lashes Wholesale for the first time, you can choose to wear them on the right hair. First, it is convenient. Second, you can test whether you like or suit long Wholesale Lashes. You can first buy some more cost-effective Lash Wholesale to try, and then buy high-end eyelashes when you are proficient.

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Like it and save trouble:

It is recommended to go to the beauty salon to graft the eyelashes. On the one hand, others are taking care of the grafting process, so you don’t need to do it yourself. On the other hand, planting close-packed eyelashes can usually last for a month, which saves a lot of time virtually.

Lash Extensions

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Specification: D Curl thickness: 0.07mm Length: 8-14mm mixed tray, the following lengths are for your choice: 8mm*1, 9mm*1, 10mm*2, 11mm*2, 12mm*2, 13mm*2, 14mm *2. 12 rows mixed together

Close-packed features: Y-shaped eyelash extensions, new in 2021, automatically and quickly bloom, Eyelash Extensions are soft, light and comfortable, making your eyes look more charming and burden-free.

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Close-packing effect: Y type-grafting one root is equal to the natural and dense effect of two hair tips; D type curly hair makes the eyelashes slightly curled than your own eyelashes, which is more natural and charming.

Stable curling: The advanced styling method makes the curling stable and long-lasting. Even if you go to the sauna, the eyelashes can still be curled.

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Your best choice: very friendly to novices or skilled technicians. It does not need to be pasted one by one like the traditional one, and it will not affect the appearance because the root is too thick like the fan shape. Natural Y-shaped appearance, easy to operate, easier to fan, automatic flowering, natural. Can help you save customer time and improve customer satisfaction.

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