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Which Series Of Eyelash Packaging Is More Popular In October?

Which Series Of Eyelash Packaging Is More Popular In October?

Where To Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes? 》Guerlain Lashes is a professional Lash Vendors (Eyelash Vendors) and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer, established in 2005, mainly engaged in the wholesale business of Mink Lashes to the United States and other countries in the world.

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Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

In the past few days, customers have asked about the theme of Eyelash Packaging in October: Halloween theme.
Elements related to Halloween: pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, candy.wholesale eyelash packaging

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

The annual festival period is the peak season for the eyelash industry. Generally, we will remind customers to think about the design theme of Custom Lash Boxes in advance to save design time after placing an order.wholesale eyelash packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Here are a few related Halloween-themed Custom Eyelash Packaging. Halloween Custom Eyelash Boxes, printed with special patterns, like pumpkins, skulls, etc. We have professional designers to help you design eyelash packaging with different patterns on Halloween theme. You can choose the design you like. Or you tell our designers your ideas, and we will make renderings according to your ideas. And the minimum order quantity is 30 pieces only. When you confirm the final version of the design, we will arrange production. How To Find The Best Hair Vendors

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Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

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