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What Is The Difference Between Raw Human Hair and Virgin Human Hair?

What Is The Difference Between Raw Human Hair and Virgin Human Hair?

The basics of wigs can always help you in your hair business. This blog will introduce some things about Raw Human Hair and Remy Human Hair, and help you learn more about hair extensions. This is very helpful for you to serve customers when choosing to receive and send.

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Raw hair and virgin hair. I know that when you are reading this article, you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t they the same thing?” See, if you want to be a completely satisfied customer of any hairdressing company, you must know what you are investing in.

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What is Raw Huam Hair?

Raw Human Hair is exactly what it sounds like; unprocessed, unprocessed 100% human hair. When you consider raw, it means that it has not undergone any chemical, heating, or steam processing.

Raw Human Hair is the purest and most natural form of hair on the market. Hair growth is great because the quality is top-notch and can last for several years.

The disadvantage of Raw Human Hair is that there are many varieties. Raw Human Hair manufacturers purchase hair directly from donors, inevitably requiring the process of essence disinfection.

Most of the donors are from India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. The hair styles of these donors are natural straight hair or natural wavy curly hair, with little change in curvature. So you won’t easily get those popular hairstyles, such as tight curly hair or wavy, if any.

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Raw Human Hair usually comes in 2 styles-straight hair and natural wavy or wavy hair. Compared with virgin hair, Raw Human Hair is usually less silky and very close to a rough texture. Curly hair patterns can also be used for hair growth.

The beauty and the beast that regenerate is that no two bunches are the same. They will not be very different from each other, but they will never be the same, because the hair is not steamed out of a uniform pattern.\

The definition of Raw Human Hair once implied that the hair was not only untreated by chemical and heat treatment, but also as a single donor.

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A single donor hair is a bundle of hair that is cut from only one donor. With the demand for hair growth, it has become increasingly difficult for large hair commercial companies to consistently provide a complete bundle of single donor hair.

Therefore, in addition to disinfection treatment, as long as the hair is not processed in any way, hair growth may also mean multiple donors.

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