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What Are The Factors That Affect The Service Life Of Wigs

What Are The Factors That Affect The Service Life Of Wigs

“Wigs for real 100% human Virgin Hair” (alias: weaving, replacement, additional hair) is made by weavers crocheting Real Human Hair on a special net base material. It is also called a high-end wig. Its principle is cover some or all of the white hair, sparse hair, and bald areas of netizens to achieve the purpose of saying goodbye to partial hair loss and enhancing the image. Among them, the process of crocheting by the weaver alone takes about 30 days. 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Wigs (high-end wigs)” have many names. In terms of production methods, they are called woven hair because they are crocheted.Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

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From The Hair Quality

In terms of Brazilian hair wholesale quality, Guerlain Hair Vendor provides 100% Human Virgin Hair. Wholesale Virgin Hair of different materials has different service life. Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair , Malaysian Hair  Wholesale has a soft texture and good quality. Peruvian Hair and Indian Virgin Hair have rougher Hair Weave and are closer to those of African-American women. It is rare that Unorocessed Human Hair comes from a wig with a donor. This hair quality is the best. Dephosphorized Remy Hair from multiple donors ranks second. Under the same conditions, the better the grade, the longer the service life of the hair.

Loose Wave

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From The Weaving Technology And Lace Material

If you can’t grasp the strength when crocheting the Human Virgin Hair Wholesale, the strength will be loose and the strength will be broken. Therefore, the knitting workers must undergo intensive training and pass the quality inspector assessment before weaving the ordered products for customers. Choose manufacturers with superb weaving technology and use high-quality lace mesh caps, so that the products produced can have a longer service life.


Lace Front Wig

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From The Cleaning Frequency

When buying Human Hair Wigs, try to buy high-quality Lace Front Wigs, which will last longer. After Wholesale brazilian hair is crocheted on the base material, the more frequent the shampoo, the more frequent friction between the hair and the base material will affect the life of the wig. So how often is it appropriate to clean? In order to better ensure the maintenance of good texture and effect, it is recommended to wash your wig once about 10 days.

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