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How To Save Your Shipping Cost When Purchasing Lashes Samples

How To Save Your Shipping Cost When Purchasing Lashes Samples

When you work with a Chinese eyelash wholesaler, you will always feel that the order amount exceeds your expectations. Your supplier will explain to you that the price includes shipping. Maybe you still think it is expensive, so how can you save this shipping?

If you order 10 pairs of wholesale 3D mink eyelashes from your eyelash supplier and you want them within 3 days, you can choose Federal International Express. When you purchase an eyelash order, you tell your eyelash supplier that it should inform you quickly Suppliers, your delivery address and other information. Once your order is completed, your supplier will immediately complete the shipment to you via international express.

If you order 30 pairs of eyelashes, the shipping cost is the same as 10 pairs, because if your eyelashes are packed under 0.5 kg, the shipping cost is the same. Therefore, in the purchase order, the weight of the eyelashes and the customized packaging box must be calculated. If the volume of your eyelashes and the box is less than 0.5kg, you should order the correct quantity until your packaging reaches close to 0.5kg or 1kg, and so on. At this time, the cost of your eyelashes will be the lowest.

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