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Amazon Hot New Product-Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

Amazon Hot New Product-Double Color Eyeshadow Stick

In order to let more customers experience our beauty products, we uploaded some products to our Amazon store. A new 12-color six-pack two-color eye shadow stick is the most popular Eye Shadow Stick recently. If you are a Prime member, this is great, you can buy them without shipping.


Glitter Gradient Eyeshadow Sticks

Eye Shadow Stick Makeup

The Feature of 6 pcs Eyshadow Sticks

1. This Eyeshadow Stick are portable and easy to apply.

2. It is easier to operate than ordinary Eye Shadow Stick, and saves more time for you to get up early or go out to do the Eye Makeup.

3. If you are looking for easy-to-operate Eyeshadow Stick products, don’t miss UIFME’s two color Glitter Eyeshadow !

4. Color: pink, coffee brown, reddish brown, earth color, orange, rose gold.

5. Eye Shadow Stick Makeup, enhance three-dimensional makeup.

6. Waterproof and sweatproof, makeup does not smudge. Easy to use, easy to operate for novices.

Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow Stick

Why Choose it?

【Upgraded two-color eyeshadow stick】2-in-1 Double color natural Glitter Gradient Eyeshadow Stick, upgraded rotating design, stylish and elegant, not easy to break.
【Shine and lasting: glitter eyeshadow】 instantly brightens and Glitter Eyeshadow, suitable for any makeup. Long-lasting makeup does not take off, and can keep bright Eye Makeup even when sweating.
【Easily makeup】 Just apply it back and forth gently 3-5 times to the area where you need makeup, and you can create the gradient eye shadow makeup you want.
【12 colors 6 sticks】12 colors and 6 different colors of Eye Shadow Sticks are matched, and the oblique cut design is easy to apply, allowing you to change eye makeup anytime, anywhere.
【Suitable occasion】 This slightly shimmering Gradient Eyeshadow Stick is the best gift for female relatives and friends. The packaging is small and portable, so you can touch up your makeup at any time when you go out.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Eye Shadow Glitter Eyeshadow

If you want to try our new Gradient Eyeshadow, please contact me or click the link to buy:Gradient Eyeshadow Purchase Link.

Glitter Gradient Eyeshadow Stick

Eye Shadow Sticks Sets

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