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Guerlain Lashes is a professional Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufcturer mainly engaged in the Wholesale of Mink Lashes to USA .  As one of the biggest and most professional 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes and 3D Mink Lashes manufactures in China, we try to offer best quality products as well as best private label OEM & ODM service. What’s more, with our indepemdent design team, we provide eyelashes of more than 100 styles. And we are working on more new styles to meet requirements of more customers and to keep up with the fashion trend. Beside, we can also provide custom service and design your unique style as required.

100% 3D Siberian Mink, Cruelty Free, Can be used for 25 times , Hypoallergenic, Slterilized, No Chemicals, No dyes, Handcrafted

As a Lash Vendors, we manage to play a leading role in the filed of mink lashes based on our many years’ experience. Our products sell very well in Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, etc.

We provide high-quality 3D Mink Lashes at a reasonable price to wholesalers. We mainly supply mink eyelash extensions, 3D mink eyelash extensions, Horse eyelashes, Fox eyelashes, Synthetic eyelashes, Flare eyelashes as well as all kinds of makeup tools, etc. We can also duplicate the lashes based on your lashes.

Beside mink lashes, eyelash packaging box is also our hot-selling product. We provide a great variety of packaging boxes of all styles and all prices. We also provide custom service of packaging box. If you want to start your own mink lashes brand, we can print your brand name and logo on the packaging box. We sincerely hope we can provide you best one-stop service to our customers!

What can we do for you?

  • If you just want to learn more about our products but you don’t want to purchase for the time being, you can visit our webiste, on which we have prepared the most detailed and comprehensive knowledge of 3D Mink Lashes. Click here
  • If you want to know our prices, we are very happy to help you. Our products are divided into three grades. And each pair of our mink lashes has to go through strict quality examination before being deliverd to your hands. So you don’t need to worry about the qaulity at all. Click here to see the difference between the three grades.
  • If you want to order a small quantity, we also do retail. The minimum order quantity is only one pair. We are happy and comtent as long as our products can bring you beauty and charm!
  • If you want to buy in bulk, you are lucky to find us and we are also honored to be your supplier.You can visit our website and we have prepared you the most detailed and comprehensive introduction of our products. As a wholesaler Welcome to our website, I am sure you know how important it is to find a good supplier. A good supplier can bring you good products and good service, thsu bringing you more profit. A bad supplier will bring you bad products, a lot of problems, to much after-sales service, complaints from customers, thus casuing you a big loss in the long run.

The Most Beautiful Mink Eyelashes in the World

Beauty is everlasting pursuit!

Our designer is one of only two eyelash designers in the country: Ophelia Harris. Our designers only design 10 styles of 3D Mink Lashes every year, and the eyelashes he designs will be very popular and hot-seling once put on the market. If you become our regular customer, our designers can also design your unique eyelashes according to your own ideas. We launch eyelashes of new styles evey year, leading the fashion trend in the eyelashes field again and again.

Each style of our 3D Mink Lashes has a design concept. The design concept of this year’s newly designed eyelashes is “rose”, which is a symbol of youth, fashion, romance, nobleness… We sincerely hole that all women can be endowed with these precious qualities with our eyelashes on.

We Provide a Great Variety of Styles for Your Choice

Our 3D Mink Lashes come in various styles. And we are still working on developing more styles to keep up with the fashion trend. With our great variety of styles, you can always provide the right one no matter what you want. If you want to look more beautiful in your daily life, we highly recommend you our low-key and  natural styles. If you want to become the focus of attention in a party, you can choose our luxurious styles. If you are going to a bar or a masquerade, you can consider our bold styles which are bound to attract more eyeballs.

Our unique technique in the production of 3D Mink Lashes

The perfect 3d effect of our 3D Mink Lashes are all created without the use of any chemicals. Based on our hundreds of experiments, we can achieve the perfect 3d effct by controlling the temperature and the heating time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that our products may carry pungent chemical smell or would irritate your skin or cause serious allergy. Our products are 100% safe and healthy for people. And we have got the international quality certification. However, the poor quality and cheap mink eyelashes are ususally treated with chemicals and smell bad with strong chemical odor. A long time contact with these chemicals would do harm to people’s health or even increase the risk of getting cancer.

Great Durability of our 3D Mink Lashes 

Our 3D Mink Lashes are very durable and can be used for 20-25 times. And if they get dirty, you can directly wash them in clean water. When they dry, they wouldn’t deform and would be as good as new.

Excellent Quality of our 3D Mink Lashes 

Our 3D Mink Lashes are all handmade by our experienced and skillful workers. The amount as well as the length of hairs are all under strict control. Each of our workers can only make a maximum of 10 pairs of eyelashes each day. Only in this way can we ensure the excellent quality of our products.

How to Cooperate with us

1. Place your order according to your need

2. The order would be confirmed by our both sides.

3.Guerlain Mink Lashes Payment 1.T/T 2.W/U 3.M/G 4. Paypal 5.Alibaba

4.Guerlain Mink Lashes Arrange the production and prepare your goods

5.Guerlain Mink Lashes Deliver goods through DHL Fedex UPS

6.Guerlain Mink Lashes Professional after-sales service

How to Contact Us

Email: Sales@miislashes.com

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If you have any queation, you can send message to us below:


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